Mauviel copper coffee pot


This copper coffee pot is made in France by Mauviel.

With an Art Deco inspired design, this pot has a capacity of 0.9l.


This cpper coffee pot with natural wood handle is made in France by Mauviel. It is compatible with all hobs including induction.

6cm (2.4in) in diameter and 11,8cm (4.64in) tall, it has a capacity of 0.9l. With this coffee pot, Mauviel is bringing Art Deco back to the table, and highlighting the French way of life. A real thing of beauty, this copper coffee pot is understated and elegant.

This coffee pot is easy to care for, but only non-scratch sponges should be used.

This item is delivered within 8 days.

Mauviel is a top of the range kitchenware manufacturer. It has been designing and making kitchenware and tableware since 1830. Mauviel is highly regarded by professional chefs for its exceptional skill in working with copper and stainless steel.


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