Stainless steel pans Made in France

Made in France and high-end, the 18/10 stainless steel pans thatwe have selected for youare compatible with all heat sources including induction. You can cook on gas, electric hobs, ceramic hobs and also flash them in the oven. Dishwasher safe, stainless steel pans are the perfect compromise between ease of use, ease of maintenance and cooking control. Little oil is necessary. These pans will be ideal for searing and evenly cooking your food.

You can also opt for pans with non-stick coating for cooking fragile dishes such as fish, certain vegetables and eggs. You will find stoves from the Casteline, Strate, Mutine or Castel Pro collections at Cristel; Alchimy, Milady and Affinity at De Buyer, Expert at Degrenne, or Excellence and Tradition at Matfer Bourgeat. Several sizes are available to you, individually or in batteries, with fixed or removable handle.