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Claude Dozorme is Master Cutler since 1902. This knife-making firm is located near Thiers, This is the fournous French cutlery firm. Claude Dozorme manufactures corkscrews in noble wood, champagne saber, and exceptional knives.

Master Cutler since 1902, Claude Dozorme is located in Thiers in the heart of the historical capital of the French cutlery industry. While the origin of metalworking in Auvergne dates back to the Middle Ages, specialization in the manufacture of knives is linked to the Durolle, a river that has always supplied the energy needed for the workshops. Thiers knives have now become a world reference and Claude Dozorme is the famous knife-making firm of France. The know-how and the manufacturing secrets of the most beautiful blades are passed on to Claude Dozorme from generation to generation for more than 100 years. The investments made by this family company, certified by the EPV and Esprit of Thiers, have made it possible to achieve great precision in order to achieve excellence in the knife manufacturing. Thanks to the collaboration with many designers the sommeliers, champagne sabers and knives made in France have become true works of art recognized by the greatest gastronomy restaurant. A sommelier Laguiole by Claude Dozorme represents the authenticity of the brand. France Corner is proud to introduce you Claude Dozorme firm.