Tableware Made in France

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At francecorner, whether you are an individual or a professional, you will find a fine selection of products made in France, quality tableware, to set your table, for all occasions.

In this selection: you will find dinner plates, tasting plates, gourmet plates, or dessert plates, in porcelain, stoneware, or cast iron, in several colors; signed Haviland, Pillivuyt, Deshoulières, Degrenne and Staub. In crystal, or in mechanical glass, our La Rochère, Chef&Sommelier and Cristal de Paris glasses will delight you with their designs and their quality: tumblers, water glasses, wine glasses, whiskey, beer or champagne, they will accompany you in all your daily meals, or those more festive.

To complete the table setting, don't forget the cutlery: cutlery or smaller boxes, in stainless steel, wood, or silver, Capdeco, Degrenne, Opinel, Au Nain and Dozorme cutlery are safe, elegant and quality values. Apilco, Degrenne, Haviland porcelain tea, coffee or lunch cups, as well as their teapots and coffee makers, are essential to accompany delicious moments.

Serving dishes, salad bowls, carafes, Peugeot salt and pepper mills, corkscrews and sommeliers, tureens, ice cream bowls, ice and champagne buckets, as well as trays , placemats and sausage guillotines are also part of this selection.