Salad bowls and dishes Made in France

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For the presentation and serving of some of your dishes and accompaniments, we have prepared for you aselection of the most beautiful salad bowls and serving dishes made in France by prestigious brands recognized in the world of Tableware, in passing through Degrenne, Pillivuyt, Haviland, La Rochère, Apilco, Jacques Pergay and Deshoulières. Porcelain, ceramic or terracotta salad bowls that will add a touch of refinement to your table in the blink of an eye, for all occasions. Dishes and salad bowls made in France such as cake and pie dishes which will allow you to serve your seasonal desserts, oval dishes which will provide you with a serving element for various fish and meats, bowls which will help you serve appetizers. mouth or sweet or savory treats. Other dishes such as lasagna dishes, gratin dishes or crème brûlée dishes are also available to allow you to indulge all your culinary desires.