List of products by brand DE BUYER

Buyer's specialist since 1830 of the utensils of kitchen and pastry for professionals. De buyer is a famous cookware manufacturer.
De Buyer manufactures in France since 1830 pots, saucepans, pans and kitchen knives. Located in the Vosges mountains, this factory has recognized through the label EPV (living heritage enterprise) in the manufacture of kitchen utensils made of copper, stainless steel and silicone pastry utensils. This brand is originally dedicated to French gastronomy professionals. It is appreciated for its quality by the Master Chief. France Corner through this quality of manufacture is now available to cooking enthusiasts. He thus offers collections ergonomic and stylish design saucepan, frying pan and saute pan with Prima Matera, Affinity, Milady or even with the Ultra mandolin and mandolin viper excellence.