Cristel Cookway Removable Handle

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Discover the new Cristel removable handle, made of bakelite with a stainless steel mechanism.

It can be used with all Cristel removable collections: Cookway, Casteline, Mutine, Strate.


Cookway removable handle by Cristel. 

Bakelite frame, stainless steel mechanism and chrome plated knob. The handle locks automatically.

Lenght of the handle: 17,5cm. 

It can be used with all Cristel removable collections: Cookway, Casteline, Mutine and Strate. 

This handle is easy to use and offers the advantage of cooking in complete safety, avoiding domestic accidents with young children.

Packages are dispatched within 8 days in Europe and on request outside Europe, after receipt of payment.

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CRISTEL story began life in France in 1849, when the first French pressed saucepan came out of Fesches-le-Châtel workshop and factory, the first CRISTEL production site. Quickly, the enamel branch gained in importance and the company became the second French industrial enterprise under the Second Empire. But in 1981, the manufacturer closed due to a succession of wars, political and economic transformations. Two years later, in 1983, former employees reopened the factory, first illegally then under a cooperative, and gave it a name: CRISTEL. The brand was born. In 1987, believing in the industry and in the factory true potential, Paul and Bernadette Dodane invested in the company and transformed it to a limited company. Their vision: to combine excellence, elegance, modernisation and innovation. Recognised now as a Living Heritage Company, CRISTEL offers a wide range of high-end luxury stainless steel products.


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