Peugeot Box - l'Apogée du Vin

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L'Apogée du Vin, the apogee of the wine Box by Peugeot.

It consists of an Altar corkscrew and a Wine Travel key. The colors of these utensils are matt black with a stainless steel finish.

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This set is composed of a corkscrew Peugeot "Altar", its capsule-cutter and a wine key , the Apogée du Vin set by Peugeot includes the perfect instruments to taste the wine at its best. 

The "Altar" corkscrew includes an endless screw to offer you an ease when opening. It adapts to all types of necks and allows a practical and intuitive use, simply turn, no effort. This utensil is made of ABS, a high end anti-shock black plastic material, which allows it to have an elegant and modern design. Its grip is surprisingly soft and pleasant thanks to its soft touch finish. The handle is made of zamak (alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper) and brings a satine aluminum finish. This manual corkscrew comes with a separate capsule-cutter.

The Wine Travel key by Peugeot is the essential instrument for all wine lovers, it measures directly the capacity to conserve your bottle and also to know the aging potential of a wine, whatever the wine. With its travel format, it is possible to put it in your pocket and bring it with you everywhere.  This patented technology is the result of 10 years of research for Peugeot.

Its use is simple : to serve a glass of wine, taste and memorize your sensations. Then, put the pellet of the Wine key in your glass and taste again.

In contact with the pellet, the wine reacts. Every second equals a year of aging. If the wine keeps its qualities or improves its qualities after several contacts, it can age. However, if the wine lost its flavors after one or two seconds, aging is just impossible. It is possible to repeat the operation second to second until you perceive the signs of wine decline.  This utensil helps us discover the evolution of a wine over the years. It reveals the qualities of a prematurely opened wine or taste a too young wine  without waiting too long. 

The Wine key is tasted and recommended by the best sommeliers in the world. 

The utensils offered by in the set comes with a 2-year guarantee.

We recommend you store your utensils in a dry place.

Packages are dispatched within 10 days in Europe and on request outside Europe, after receipt of payment.

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usine moulin peugeot

The story of the Peugeot salt and pepper mills began in 1810 in Doubs when two brothers Jean Pierre and Frédéric Peugeot set up a steel spring business. The first Peugeot mill was made in 1874.

Since 1850, the brand's Lyon logo has symbolised the resilience and power of the grinding teeth, the suppleness of the blade and the efficiency of the cutting mechanism.

Today, Peugeot is the world leader in salt and pepper mills, well-known for the quality of its steel, stainless steel and ceramic mecanism that are guaranteed for life.


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