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Anduze Planter Anthracite Figuiere

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The authentic Anduze planter is created by the specialized manufacturer Terre Figuiere.

This prestigious planter is a timeless item which is a heritage of the French culture.

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The Anduze planter is a model which origins date back to the 17th century. These planters were chosen to adorn the gardens of the Orangerie in Versailles. This is a model with classic charm, a symbol of elegance and refinement. its inverted bell shape, its garlands and 3 crests make it easily recognizable at first glance.

The Anthracite planter is a model made of natural clay, manufactured in the South of France by a master potter in the workshops of Terre Figuiere.

The dimensions for this natural clay planter are as follows: - Height 47 x Diameter 40 cm, weight 15 kg - Height 58 cm x Diameter 47 cm, weight 30 kg - Height 65 cm x Diameter 55 cm, weight 44 kg - Height 80 x Diameter 66 cm, weight 80 kg. 

Each planter is made artisanally, so there are slight variations in colours and finishes that mean each one is unique.

The Anduze planter is very easy to clean and care: Simply wash it with a sponge and water.

In the winter, make sure your planter is protected from the weather and from frost. To preserve it, you can coat the interior with a waterproofing product.

The delivery time is 15 days for Europe and on request for other continents.

Terre Figuière is located on the holiday road-trip and has been awarded the entreprise du patrimoine vivant EPV (Living Heritage Company) for the excellence and know-how in the manufacture of the famous Anduze planter.

vase anduze atelier

Terre Figuière has been perpetuating the tradition for 4 centuries and offers this planter which highlights the most beautiful French gardens. Terre Figuière uses its know-how to design majestic Mazagrans, enamelled orange planters or contemporary jars.


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