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Terre Figuière is a pottery manufacturer such as the anduze vase

Labeled as a Living Heritage Company, Terre Figuiere has real know-how in the manufacture of pottery. He is particularly specialized in the creation of the traditional limed or flamed Anduze vase. Terre Figuiere has continued the manufacturing of this pottery whose origins date back to 1610.

The creation of artisanal pottery begins with the grinding and moistening of the earth, followed by chamottage and passing through the boudineuse. Then, the potter steps in to give shape to the piece using a machine, using a plaster mold called a gauge. About twelve hours later, the “bells” are unmolded, and the turner comes on stage to assemble the foot that he previously shaped by hand some time before.

The next phase is dedicated to decoration, where a professional skillfully installs the characteristic garlands as well as three crests. Then the slip is applied to neutralize the color of the base material. Finally, the projection of manganese and copper oxides intervenes, creating a palette of green, brown and yellow ocher hues with multiple nuances. The last step, firing, still arouses apprehension among many ceramists.