De Buyer Inocuivre Brass Saucepan

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Inocuivre saucepan  with brass frame by de Buyer.

This cooking utensil is made in France.

Its composition is 90% copper and 10% stainless steel.

For conditions of delivery, please see below.


Saucepan made of copper and stainless steel with a brass frame by de Buyer.

This saucepan is perfect for simmering and warming your preparations.

Thanks to the copper on the outside, the conductivity of heat is excellent.

As the interior is made of stainless steel, retinning is not necessary and it is very easy to clean and care.

The brass frames are gilded and riveted.

The saucepan is available in the following dimensions:

- Diameter 12 cm.

- Diameter14 cm.

- Diameter 16 cm.

- Diameter18 cm.

- Diameter 20 cm.

These saucepans are easy to clean and care. To restore the shine of the copper, please use the special copper cleaning paste and wash stainless steel by hand. These saucepans can be put in the oven and on all types of hobs except induction.

The delivery time is within 8 days for Europe and about 10 days for other continents. Delivery cost and taxes are according to the delivered country.

For almost 200 years, de Buyer has been making top of the range cookware and bakeware in France. The quality of its products is recognised by French chefs working at the highest level. This family-run company is situated in the Vosges, and has a range of over 2000 cookware items. De Buyer works in partnership with the most prestigious cookery schools such as the Institut Paul Bocuse, the Ecole Nationale de la Pâtisserie and even Alain Ducasse's cookery school. De Buyer has always served chefs at the highest level, but thanks to the Comptoir des industries Françaises amateurs can also enjoy their products.


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