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Sale Favorites

Sale Favorites

Sale Favorites proposed by France Corner is a selection of discount prices on items within French life style. You will find including In this section flash sales or the moment promotions. France Corner wishes offer to you the best competitive prices and on the qualitative products. So we invite you to visit regularly this France Corner sale favorites.

  • 6 Le Mans Glasses Cristal de Paris

    Cristal de Paris Le Mans Glasses. The price indicated is for a box of 6 glasses of the same model. 
    181,25 €
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  • Porcelain Clair de Lune Arcade Haviland

    Porcelain Clair de Lune Arcade Set designed by Haviland. The Clair de Lune arcade collection is manufactured in Limoges, France. 
    35,83 €
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  • Candle Jars Infini Diamant Haviland

    Porcelain candle jars Infini Diamant  designed by Haviland. The Infini Diamant candle jar is made in Limoges (France).  
    160,00 €
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  • Casadisagne Gizeh lamp

    The Art Deco Gizeh lamp by Casadisagne is of premium quality.  This lamp is made in France in the Casadisagne workshops in Provence.
    200,46 €-15% 235,83 €
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  • Paget Swivel Armchair Hugo

    This Art Deco swivel armchair is a creation of the Charles Paget company, a chair and armchair manufacturer. The Hugo armchair is made in France.
    570,00 €
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  • Mauviel M Cook set 5 pieces

    5 pieces Mauviel 18/10 Stainless Steel 2,6mm thick Induction Saucepans Multi-ply (5-layer), made in France. The M'Cook collection comes with a shiny stainless steel finish and cast stainless steel handles.
    457,50 €-240,00 € 657,50 €
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  • Traditional Anduze Planter

    Anduze planter, made in France using traditional methods by the Poterie de la Madeleine. Pottery made of natural clay, with flamed glazed finish.
    116,17 €-15% 136,67 €
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  • Le Jacquard Français Contes d'hiver

    The CONTES D'HIVERcollection is made in France by Le Jacquard Français. This collection is made with cotton-linen mix
    34,41 €-30% 49,16 €
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  • Dozorme Capuccin set

    6 Le Capucin Knives, made in France by Claude Dozorme Delivered with a wood box. Free delivery subject to the conditions below.
    140,83 €
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  • De Buyer Swing plus Mandoline

    De Buyer Swing plus Mandoline, Made in France. This mandoline has 1 double edge blade and 1 double julienne blade.
    61,19 €-17.5% 74,17 €
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  • Summer Duvet goose down 165g

    This 100% natural summer duvet is made of more than 90% of duck down and made in France.  With a grammage of 180g/m², it is light and has a strong bulking power.
    164,06 €-25% 218,75 €
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  • Staub braiser chistera 28cm

    The pan Staub Chistera with a diameter of 28 cm is made in France and available in different colors that you can select. Its domed lid whose relief reminds Chistera Basque pelota, was developped for self basting spikes during cooking.
    130,63 €-25% 174,17 €
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  • Objet Insolite Bronze Adam Wall Lamp

    Adam Wall Lamp by Objet Insolite. Unique and elegant wall lamp. Available in brown bronze, gold bronze and nickel bronze. Objet Insolite French Design, Made in France.
    253,34 €-20% 316,67 €
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  • Dozorme Design Champagn Sabre

    Dozorme Design Champagn Sabre. Bronze guild Rose wood handle. Design and Made in France by Dozorme. 100% Made in France.
    90,00 €
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  • Kitchen Utensils Pot

    Copper utensil pot for kitchen items, with hammered or smooth finish, made by Mauviel. Delivery time is mentioned below.
    56,59 €-15% 66,58 €
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  • Peugeot Cottage Salt and Pepper Mills

    These Peugeot Cottage mills are made in France. The grinders are 22cm tall and are sold in sets of 2: a pepper mill and a salt mill. They come with salt and pepper in them. Free delivery subject to the conditions below.
    71,25 €-10% 79,17 €
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