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Garnier Thiebaut Honey and bees ocher tea towel

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Delivery : 8 days in France, 10-12 days in other countries

Tea towel, HONEY AND BEES Ochre, made in France in the Vosges, by Garnier Thiebaut.

Its dimensions are 56x77cm

It is made of 100% Jacquard damask cotton.

It is sold individually.


The HONEY AND ABEILLE Ocher tea towel is made in France by Garnier Thiebaut, in the Vosges.

This tea towel,made from 100% cotton damask (jacquard), is sold individually.

The dimensions of the tea towel are 56x77cm.

A pattern of bees and honeys for this tea towel with a retro chic look.

Flexible and light, this tea towel dries very quickly.

Before first use, the tea towel must be washed at 40°C, then it can be machine washed at 40°C.

Do not put it in the dryer.

Packages are dispatched within 8 days in France and about 10-12 days outside France, after receipt of payment.

Shipping rates and taxes are automatically calculated based on the weight of the product and the shipping destination. For a collective purchase order, please contact us.

garnier thiebaut factory

Garnier Thiebaut has a long and proud history, beginning in 1833 with the intermarriage of the Garnier and Thiebaut families. As the first weaving looms were being created, the company became the first textile factory in the Vosges at the end of the 1870s. The company has passed down historic knowledge about Jacquard weaving and the creation of tablecloths, bed linen, towelling and other products such as tea towels and aprons. Today it is the only French textile producer that has kept all of its production equipment in France. It has gained the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) mark. As a top of the range brand, the Maison Garnier Thiebaut is able to collaborate with top designers to create unrivalled collections, whose quality and style are valued by the most senior hotel and restaurant professionals in the world.

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