Drouault Duvet Winter Luxe soie 360g/m² - 4 tailles


Reference : Luxe hiver soie drouault

Delivery : around 8 days in France, 10-12 days outside

Drouault manufactures in France this luxury silk duvet. 

This duvet is available in several dimensions.  

The density of the filling is 360g/m²

For conditions of delivery, please see below. 


This duvet Soie Luxe is made in France by Drouault

The density of the filling of this tempered duvet is 360g/m²

You will love the warmth of this 100% natural silk cocoon duvet, but also the freshness it will give you when you wake up. The lightness of the duvet will give you a certain freedom of movement. This duvet naturally regulates your body temperature. 

The duvet cover is made of 100% Percale cotton (91 threads/cm²), the finish is piped and the filling is natural. The square stitching ensures that the filling is well distributed throughout the duvet.

This duvet can be used all year long. 

Dimensions for this duvet are as follows: 





Product thought and assembled in France, made in outside Europe. 

We recommend that you shake the duvet frequently in the open air and to inverse top and bottom at least once a month. The choice of the filling depends on the way you heat your room. Therefore, between 15 and 18°, we recommend a 250 to 300g/m², and above 18°, a 200 à 250g/m² duvet.

We deliver this duvet within 8 days in France and around 10/12 days in other countries.

Drouault 1850

Drouault is the French reference in high quality duvet and pillow manufacturing. Since 1850, they have the best know-how and the whole manufacturing process is made in France.