Modulo Pyrenex Pillow

PYRENEX couettes et oreillers
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The Modulo pillow is designed by the famous brand Pyrenex.

It is available in different sizes and types of firmness.

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The Modulo pillow is designed by Pyrenex, a specialist in the production of bedding items since more than 150 years.

Manufactured in France, it is made of 50 % down and 50 % silver duck little feathers bred in Aquitaine.

This premium quality pillow has a luxury coating, 100% white cotton as well as a piping finish.

Several types of firmness are available according to your morphology:

- flat

- souple

- firm

As well as several sizes:

- 50x70 cm

- 60x60 cm

- 65x65 cm

- 80x80 cm

This pillow is machine washable at 40°C. We recommend you shake it every day in fresh air.

oreiller plume d'oie

Duvet is dispatched within 8 days in Europe and about 10 days outside Europe

Pyrenex depuis 1859

Pyrenex masters the natural duvet manufacture and has been elaborating goose or duck down since 1859.


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