Oak Chevron Desk Dasras

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Chevron Desk made in France in the Dasras workshops.

For conditions of delivery, please see below.


Dasras manufactures this desk from the Chevron collection in France. 
Designed by Guillaume Delvigne, this Chevron desk, like the other products of the collection, is a surprisingly simple and minimalist piece of furniture. It is very elegant, uncluttered and resistant (in solid beech).
The central beam, the base and the top are made of solid wood.
the top of the table is your choice: 
- ceramic 3mm glued to 19 mm mdf with solid backing
- laminate top glued to 22mm mdf with solid backing
This desk is 75cm high and is available in several dimensions:
- Depth : 60 or 70 cm
- Length: 120 or 140 cm

To personalize your desk as much as possible, several ceramic and laminate finishes are available as well as several woods (beech, US wallnut), each in different finishes. Please contact our customer service if your need any further information. 

Several ceramic and oak finishes are available: When ordering please write the name and finish/es you would like in the "comment" section.  

finition chene dasras

Dasras finitions céramique

Finitions stratifié

The Chevron desk is also available in beech or US walnut. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service.

To clean and care for your solid wood table, choose a natural wood care product.

Packages are dispatched within 4 to 6 weeks in Europe and on request outside Europe, after receipt of payment.

Shipping rates and taxes are automatically calculated based on the weight of the product and the shipping destination. For a collective purchase order, please contact us.

At Dasras, woodworking has been a family activity for 5 generations.

Specialized in interior design projects, from conception to manufacturing, Dasras today provides professionals in the communities, real estate and hotel industry. This mastered creativity is a pledge of quality for those who have already granted their confidence.

All Dasras furniture are 100% made in France, with a team of designers implicated in the search for new shapes and styles. To perpetuate the know-how and get the best quality are key values for this company.


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