General terms and conditions of sale

France Corner


1 - Preamble:

The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply between the vendor on the one hand: Comptoir des Industries Françaises - MIF PARTICIPATIONS, with its head office located 7148 Route de Rivas 42330 Saint-Galmier, registered in the NANTES Trade and Companies Registry under number 791 481 906.

Comptoir des Industries Françaises, onwner of  FRANCE CORNER brand, hereinafter "Comptoir des Industries Françaises", and any body on the other hand, individual or company acting as a consumer, strictly for its/his/her personal needs, hereinafter "the Customer", who makes a purchase on the Internet website, hereinafter "FRANCECORNER.COM".

2 - Application:

Product offers are exclusively reserved to consumers, therefore any purchase for resale is forbidden. Orders are governed by French Law and the products that are for sale comply with French regulations. Comptoir des Industries Françaises reserves the right to change at any time and without prior notice the products for sale on the Website.

The present terms aim to define the sales conditions between the company Comptoir des Industries Françaises and the Customer, the latter referring to any body wishing to purchase a product sold by the Vendor on its Website

The placing of an order implies the Customer's whole acceptance and full and complete agreement to the present general terms of sale as prevailing over any other Customer document, unless otherwise agreed expressly by writing by our company. When placing an Order, the Customer declares having full legal capacity to consent to these general terms and conditions. The fact that Comptoir des Industries Françaises does not cite one of these conditions at a given time may not be interpreted as a waiver of the right to cite any one of the mentioned terms later.

If a condition is found to be lacking, it would be governed by the procedures in force in the area of distance selling companies.

Comptoir des Industries Françaises reserves the right to modify at any time its general terms and conditions of sale. These changes are enforceable from the moment they are on line and shall not apply to orders confirmed prior to this.

3 - Products available for Sale:

The website will display picture presentation of products.  All the texts and the images presented on the website are reserved, for the whole world, under copyright and intellectual property ; their reproduction, even partial is strictly forbidden.

Some of the products displayed on the site may be subject to customisation by the customer. These depend on the selected products. Due to customisation options available on specific products, the pictures may not show customisation in its completeness.

The different colours available for a same product may vary from one screen to another. Therefore all pictures and photos displayed on the website are not contractual in nature.  Comptoir des Industries Françaises will endeavour to rendering in the closest way the photographic representation of Products on its website The perception of the Product(s) may nevertheless not fully correspond to the Product(s). The Product(s) may sometimes be presented along with other Product(s). The description should then mention what is and what is not part of the Product.

4 - Price:

Product prices quoted on the website are in EUR currency, VAT excluded and excluding shipping costs and ancillary services ; They are valid so long as they are indicated on the product description page. Should the price of a product be wrongly applied in other sections of the website or in the newsletter, the price shown on the description page shall be taken into account.

In the event of a change in VAT rates, the price of products may be impacted without prior notice to the Customer. Comptoir des Industries Françaises reserves the right to change prices displayed on their website at any time but agrees to applying the prices shown at the time of the Customer's order.

According to the selected customisation options, a customisable product's final price may differ.

Shipping costs are applicable upon placement of the order. The cost of shipping depends on the recipient's location, the selected transportation mode and the content of your order. The cost of shipping shall appear in your cart and your order confirmation shall be considered as your prior approval.

Deliveries are made depending on availability and following the sequence in which Orders arrive. They may be made in whole or in part. Partial deliveries are made at the discretion of Comptoir des Industries Françaises or upon a quote requested from the Customer.

5 - Order:

Any order is worth express acceptance and irrevocable of the prices and the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale. The Customer declares being aware of and expressly and irrevocably accepting the present General Terms of Sale before placing the order by ticking the appropriate box. The order can only be confirmed after ticking that box. The order shall be definitively registered only with the last validation of the payment and summary screen of order.  Upon this final acceptance click, the order shall be deemed irrevocable. It shall be confirmed once full payment for the total price has been received. The Customer will then receive a confirmation email sent to the email address used to place the order ; this email will show the details of the items, the order number and shipping details. The sales contract becomes binding once this confirmation has been issued.

The Customer must check all details entered during the Order process (Product and Quantity, delivery address, invoicing address, contact details,...).

For that purpose, the Customer must take all necessary measures to ensure that no "anti-SPAM" type filtering system blocks the sent email. Comptoir des Industries Françaises may not be held responsible for the blocking of emails.

For phone orders placed through the Comptoir des Industries Françaises telephone sales department, the Customer must also check details entered by the agent (first and last name, delivery and invoicing address, Product ordered, selected guarantee, ...). This information is summed up in the Order confirmation email.

Once the Order is placed, if the Customer realises that a specific information must be changed, he or she can then contact Customer Service as quickly as possible so that Customer Service may proceed to the modification to the best of its ability.

Comptoir des Industries Françaises cannot be held responsible for potential errors of data entry by the Customer or for the consequences in terms of delay or delivery error, including for phone Orders.

Orders are processed according to the time they were received.

Comptoir des Industries Françaises reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order placed by a Customer with whom there is a dispute concerning payment of a previous order. Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded by Comptoir des Industries Françaises shall provide proof of all transactions by Comptoir des Industries Françaises and the Customer.

6 - Payment:

Payment can be made by bank card (VISA, Master Card) via the CMCIC system or by American Express via Paypal, the contact details of which will be provided on the purchase order; by bank cheque sent to Comptoir des Industries Françaises, 36 Bvd Meunier de Querlon 44000 Nantes France or by bank transfer to the bank details that shall be sent upon request.

Payment by bank card will be processed by a secured payment process. Orders paid by cheque or bank transfer shall only be processed once the payment is registered on our bank account. No discount shall be granted.

Comptoir des Industries Françaises offers payment facilities by bank card in 3 instalments free of charge and formality for orders of a minimum of 300 EUR. Each instalment shall be debited on the Customer's account every date of anniversary. A credit loan is binding for the Customer and must be repaid, the Customer must check his repayment capacity prior to his commitment.

In some cases, particularly in case of loan default, incorrect address or other issue, on the Customer account, Comptoir des Industries Françaises reserves the right to block the Customer's order until the issue is solved. Comptoir des Industries Françaises shall then no longer be required to ensure product availability or delivery deadlines. In addition, when a coupon or benefit code is used for an order, payment must be received by the Company at the latest 7 clear days after the code's expiry date.

In order to prevent any fraudulent use of means of payment, Customer account, delivery address and to better secure transactions with Customers, Comptoir des Industries Françaises carries out inspections on orders placed by its Customers.

As part of these inspections, the Customer may be required to provide us with administrative documents such as: Proof of identity or address, ... As part of these inspections, in case these proofs were not provided or if they don't enable us to establish with certainty the identity of the buyer or his effective address, we would not be able to confirm the order which would hence be cancelled.

7 - On-line payment security

Comptoir des Industries Françaises has selected one of the most effective and rigorous solutions in terms of securing payment methods. Comptoir des Industries Françaises has implemented the most effective on-line secured payment solution. Comptoir des Industries Françaises runs a 3D secure system implemented by its Payment operator , called  or . The 3D secure is a program developed by Visa and Mastercard and used by all French banks.  It's a payment system by authentication to reinforce on-line purchase security. During the payment process, our bank verifies the identity of the card holder before confirming the transaction. Comptoir des Industries Françaises has in no case access to confidential data dealing with the payment method used during the process. This is the reason why your bank details will be requested for each new order.

7 - Shipment:

Delivery terms are indicated on each product page in business days and run from the date of the order's email of confirmation. The products will be sent to you at the address provided. Don't forget to provide your phone number for the carrier when you place your order, or the delivery of your parcel could be postponed. The delivery delay depends on the availability of supplies and transportation. For orders paid by cheque, the order confirmation being sent once the cheque has been cashed, the Customer is informed that delivery delays can evolve in relation to those mentioned on the day the order is placed, because of the delay between the moment the order is placed on the website and the payment date. The Customer will receive notice of this.

Except as otherwise stipulated in the present General Terms of Sale, delivery costs are always at the Customer's expense.

For products delivered by Post, if the Customer cannot be present at the given address on the day of the delivery, a non-delivery notice will be left in the Customer's mailbox. The Customer shall then be responsible for collecting his/her Order at the Post Office within 10 business days after the notice has been left.
After 10 business days, the Product shall be returned by Post. In that case, the new delivery costs shall be at the Customer's expense. They must be paid prior to the reshipping by contacting Customer Support. Other carrier delivery options can be subject to appointment scheduling between the Carrier and the Customer. In that case, if the Customer cannot be present on the day of delivery, he/she must authorise a person to accept the delivery and assume the responsibilities incumbent on the Customer.
From the moment the Carrier and the Customer have agreed on an appointment at a given date and time slot, the Customer will necessarily have to be present at that date and during the agreed time slot. Should the Customer be absent, the Carrier shall not be able to achieve the delivery and the potential costs to organise a new delivery shall also be at the Customer's expense.

For large objects, Comptoir des Industries Françaises shall strive to serve you at its best, calling upon specialised carriers to deliver you in the room of your choice. Otherwise and particularly in specific Regions or Countries, the delivery is made at the entrance of your building or at your doorstep. 

Should the accessibility conditions of the Customer's delivery point prevent the Carrier from delivering the Order through the home's main entrance, the delivery cannot take place and the delivery costs shall remain at the Customer's expense. The Carrier is empowered to evaluate the place's accessibility and to refuse the delivery if he reckons it does not comply with the selected delivery method. In that case, a quote for the additional service will be submitted to the customer.

Comptoir des Industries Françaises shall not be held liable if the time limit is exceeded due to the customer's express request at the time the appointment was scheduled with the Carrier.
If the parcel is not received in due time, the Customer can contact the Customer Support which will determine the reasons for the delay, return to the Customer and make all necessary efforts to find a solution. Comptoir des Industries Françaises may decide to open an inquiry concerning the product shipment by the related Carrier. The Carrier sets its own loss inquiry delay. This inquiry can last up to 21 business days following the date the inquiry is opened. If the Product is found during the inquiry, it shall be delivered to the Customer in the best possible time. If the Product remains lost at the end of the inquiry and the loss is confirmed by the carrier, Comptoir des Industries Françaises shall replace it at its expense providing the Product is still available or offer a credit note on a future purchase if the Product(s) is(are) not available, or refund the total amount of the Order lost by the Carrier.

If the parcel is not collected, a 20 EUR non-withdrawal fee corresponding to your order's management costs shall remain at your expense. If you change your mind after the shipping of your order, you must accept the delivery of the parcel and send it back to us, or the parcel shall be considered as non-received and you will automatically be debited.

The Customer must check upon receipt that the product is in good condition and stipulate any necessary reservations on both signed copies of the carrier's delivery order. If no objections were made on the delivery order, the Customer has 72 hours (3 days) following the delivery to make any reservations to the Carrier by registered letter. In the event of a reservation, these documents need to be communicated to Comptoir des Industries Françaises within 72 business hours.
With no reservation from the Customer in the conditions above, no refusal of the package or late claim, no claim over the condition of the delivered package will be receivable.

For a delivery outside the European Union, the recipient shall pay, at his expense, the taxes and customs duties for his country, requested by transportations during the delivery process. You shall then be able to recover French VAT using the provided customs documents, by sending them once they are filled in, to the company Comptoir des Industries Françaises. If the package is not collected or refused following a change of mind, the international transportation costs shall remain at your expense.

8 - Reservation of ownership:

The transfer of ownership for delivered goods is expressly conditioned upon the full payment of the price. If the payment is refused, the Customer shall have to return to Comptoir des Industries Françaises at his own expense, the unpaid goods within 24 hours of receipt of a formal notice. The risks of loss, theft, damage and storage are the responsibility of the Customer as soon as the delivery has been made. The Customer commits, so long as the total price has not been honoured, to safely keep the goods, insure them and identify them as the property of Comptoir des Industries Françaises.

9 - Customer Guarantees:

9.1 - Delivery term:

If the delivery delay is exceeded, Comptoir des Industries Françaises shall offer a new delivery date to the Customer. The Customer is entitled to refuse this offer and request from Comptoir des Industries Françaises the cancellation of the order by registered letter in the provisions of section 9.4, unless the delay is due to a force majeure as set in section 10 of the present. Unless Comptoir des Industries Françaises may rely on a case of force majeure, the Customer shall be refunded within 30 days of the reception of his request.

9.2 - Money-back guarantee

In accordance with Article L121-20 of the French Consumer Code, the Customer has a period of 14 days from the date of reception of the good to exercise his/her right of withdrawal and cancel his order without justification or penalty, with the exception of return shipping costs. In case the Customer withdraws, he/she must return the product at his/her expense in its original packaging, unassembled and unused, along with the return form provided by Comptoir des Industries Françaises. The sale shall be cancelled and the Customer refunded for the amount of his/her order. Caution, products made-to-measure, customised or manufactured to order based on samples approved by the Customer cannot be returned.

Payments by bank card and bank transfer shall be refunded within 30 days maximum on the customer's bank account. Delayed-debit card refunds shall be made at the end of the ongoing month or the following according to the return date.

For bank cheque payments, the refunds shall be made by cheque within 30 days maximum, and the customer will receive it by post at his invoice address.

9.3 - Ordered product out of stock:

Our product and price offerings are available so long as they are visible on the website, and within the limits of available stock. In case of stock shortage, Comptoir des Industries Françaises shall suggest a substitute product to the Customer. If the Customer refuses, his/her order shall be cancelled.

9.4 - Order cancellation:

In case of an order cancellation in cases set in sections 9.1 to 9.3, the Customer shall be refunded either by a bank card credit or sending of a cheque according to the initial payment method or, if he/she wishes, by a credit note of the amount of his/her payment that can be used for a future order in the website.
Return costs in case of cancellation, in accordance with section 9.2, are at the Customer's expense. If the Customer wishes for Comptoir des Industries Françaises to organise the return shipment, the costs will be subjected to a quote, and due before the product is collected by the carrier.

9.5 - Guarantee:

Products distributed by FRANCE CORNER are guaranteed in compliance with the technical specifications of each product, against all manufacturing defaults if it was used normally and in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. The customer also benefits from legal conformity guarantees and latent defects.

9.6 - Protection of personal data:

Some details and data concerning the Customer are collected on the website for order management needs. They may be communicated to carriers in charge of the order processing and execution. These details and data shall also be stored for security reasons in compliance with legal and statutory obligations. The Customer has the right to access, modify, oppose, rectify and delete data held about him or her. To exercise his/her right, the Customer can directly access his/her personal data and modify them by logging on to the website with his/her user name and password, or he/she can send a request to the head office of Comptoir des Industries Françaises 36 Boulevard Meusnier de Querlon 44000 Nantes France or an email at

10 - Liability:

Comptoir des Industries Françaises cannot be held liable for non-execution of the contract in case of stock shortage or product unavailability, and in cases of force majeure such as war, riots, terrorist acts, disruption or full or partial strike of postal services or means of transport, or internal or external power cuts, or communication failure (computer network etc.), natural disasters (storm, flooding, fire, etc.), or resulting from a third party characterised by force majeure. Comptoir des Industries Françaises shall not be liable for all inconvenience or damage due to the use of Internet, especially in the event of a service failure, an outside intrusion or the presence of computer virus. For maintenance reasons and/or Comptoir des Industries Françaises decisions, the access to the website or to orders may be interrupted. The website may change or evolve without prior notice of any sort.

11- Applicable law and competent courts:

The present agreement is governed by French Law. In the case of litigation and failure to reach an amicable solution between the parties, competence shall be attributed to the competent courts in Nantes.