We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of French products.

To guarantee the quality of products, France Corner has chosen to select most products made in France, and also to reference manufacturers whose singular expertise and manufacturing methods have been tried over the years , some for more than a century. Each product offered on the site francecorner.com is controlled before shipment and has a suitable protective packaging. And to ensure a fully consistent delivery to your home, we suscribed an insurance advaloremfor transport. 

Most of our manufacturers have the Label EPV and ISO 9001 certificate for the quality of their process. The French label Entreprise du Patrimoine (EPV) is a state recognized brand established to distinguish French companies to craft skills and manufacturing excellence. Through a selection of quality products, France Corner has the will to bring you complete satisfaction when shopping on its site www.francecorner.com. We wish to offer a premium service to the height of the products that we offer. 

Otherwise, it is possible you for 14 days after the delivery date to return the product purchased, execept for products made-to-order, customized or personalized. For more information, we invite you to consult our General Terms and Conditions or our customer service.