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Staub Cocotte Steamer

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This Staub cocotte is made in France.

The cocotte comes with its own steamer basket.

The 26cm diameter Staub casserole is made of enamelled cast iron and is available in a range of colours.

You can use it with all kinds of hobs, including induction.

Our delivery time is mentioned below.


This cocotte is 26cm in diameter, has a capacity of 5l, and comes with a steamer basket. Staub casseroles are recognised for their quality the world over. Their exclusive lids allow condensation to drip back into the food so that it does not dry out. This keeps in as much flavour as possible; meat stays tender and vegetables stay succulent!

The steamer basket means you can cook different foods at the same time. This steamer basket is made of high quality stainless steel (18/10). Its design with silicone edging ensures that the heat is optimally distributed for perfectly even cooking.

  • French made, drawing on years of experience and a wealth of craftsmanship,
  • Enamelled cast iron casserole,
  • Classic design, authentic elegance,
  • Casserole works with all kinds of hobs, including induction,
  • Patented cover that helps condensation drip down, keeping the moisture locked in,
  • Coated with black matte enamel inside for better braising, roasting and caramelisation, which also makes the casserole more hardwearing and scratch resistant,
  • Unique colours,
  • Ergonomic grip with two cast iron handles.

Wash your cocotte in warm water with washing up liquid and a non-scratch sponge. To remove any stubborn food without damaging your cocotte, soak it in hot water first.

Staub casseroles are dishwasher safe.

Our delivery time is in Europe within 8 days and 10 days outside.

All Staub's enamelled cast iron products come with a lifetime guarantee, starting on the date of purchase.

The first Staub casserole was made in 1974. It was named after its creator, Francis Staub. Staub is a company based in Alsace that specialises in making enamelled cast iron products.


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