Toulemonde Bochart Wilton rug - 2 colors 3 sizes


Reference : Wilton

Delivery time: France around 15 days / other countries around 20 days

The WILTON rug is manufactured by Toulemonde Bochart.

This rug is hand-woven and is made from 100% tencel.

3 sizes are available to you, in 2 colors: beige or white.


The WILTON beige or white rug, is manufactured by Toulemonde Bochart. It is designed and imagined by the designers of the Toulemonde Bochart studios.

The Wilton rug, clad in a sophisticated beige hue or luxurious crisp white, and subtly textured design, represents the pinnacle of refinement and craftsmanship. This rug is the result of an intricate velvet carving process, giving the pattern visual depth through a captivating optical illusion. The relief pattern, skillfully highlighted, reveals darker tones, creating a dynamic and lively visual effect that adds a touch of finesse and sophistication to the space.

The choice of tencel for the manufacture of the Wilton rug was carefully considered. Known for its silky texture and distinctive shine, this material gives the rug an aura of luxury and exceptional comfort. Beige, a symbol of serenity and tranquility, and white, of elegance and purity, create a neutral backdrop that blends harmoniously with various color palettes, enhancing the ambiance without weighing down the space. This rug invites you to rediscover the beauty of simplicity, transforming every detail into a true work of art.

Ideal for delicate, refined interiors, the Wilton rug is designed for those who appreciate both quality and understated elegance. Its fluid texture and subtle sheen add a touch of refinement to any living space, going beyond mere accessory status to become a focal point, bringing elegance, warmth and comfort, while embodying a preference for enduring luxury and sophistication.

It is hand-woven and consists of 100% tencel, top quality, for a shiny appearance.

The thickness of the velvet is 8-9mm. The total thickness is 14-15mm. It is comfortable.

Its density (knots/m²) is 91200 and its total weight is 4kg/m²

It is suitable for moderate traffic, it is fragile to water and does not have fire classification.

2 colors are available to you:

- beige

- white

You can find this rectangular rug in 3 dimensions:

- in 170x240cm

- in 200x300cm

- in 250x350cm

If you would like this rug in a special, custom-made size, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Carpet designed in France and manufactured outside Europe.

To maintain this magnificent rug in all its beauty, it is recommended to turn it every 6 months, in order to distribute the traffic areas. To avoid breaking the fibers, vacuum regularly without the brush. Never pull on a thread if it protrudes, but cut it with scissors. Cleaning should be carried out exclusively dry, using a powder cleaning method.

Viscose, also nicknamed “vegetable silk” because of its luxurious appearance, meets the demands of lovers of shiny and soft carpets. Used in the manufacture of handmade rugs, whether tufted or woven, this fiber is obtained by the coagulation of cellulose cells from various qualities of wood, which gives it a certain fragility. Very absorbent, viscose tends to curl in contact with water, and to avoid stains, it is essential to dry the velvet quickly using a hair dryer while gently smoothing the fibers with your fingers. Depending on the plant materials used, viscose can take different names such as Tencel when it is made from eucalyptus, bamboo or banana fiber, depending on its origin.

Packages are dispatched within 15 days in France and about 20 days outside France, after receipt of payment.

Shipping rates and taxes are automatically calculated based on the weight of the product and the shipping destination. For a collective purchase order, please contact us.

It is during the hours spent by the designers to polish their creations in order to express their vision of the present and in the days of our weaver's work endlessly renewing their ancestral gestures in the respect of the tradition, that one can find this quest for accuracy which makes the quality of our rugs. For over 40 years, we have learnt to bind close links with our production workshops, in a permanent exchange of tradition and modernity, movement and serenity, following or very often introducing new evolutions in the rug field. This collaboration has always been conducted in mutual respect, and more and more towards environmental and social standards at the heart of the development of a country like India that we see evolving each time we travel there.

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