Pyrenex Valan pillow - 3 firmnesses 8 sizes

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Delivery : in 8-10 days in France, 10-12 days in other countries

"3-chambers" VALAN pillow made in France by Pyrenex.

Consists of new French white duck down and feathers.

This pillow is available in 3 firmnesses and in various sizes.


The VALAN pillow is a French manufacture by Pyrenex.

This ergonomic pillow has three separate "chambers". Indeed, its modulated and ergonomic comfort is made possible thanks to a soft surface comfort and firm support in depth.

The filling is different according to the three "chambers": the objective being to align your body. The reception surface is inflatable.

Regarding the composition of the three chambers:

- The soft welcome (in the first and third bedroom) consists of 90% down and 10% new white duck feathers from France.

- The firm support consists of 10% down and 90% new French white duck feathers.

- The cover is made of 180 thread count cotton sateen, with a gray satin piping finish.

Three firmnesses are available:

- Flat

- Soft

- Farm

This pillow is available in 8 sizes:

- 40x60cm

- 40x80cm

- 50x70cm

- 50x75cm

- 50x90cm

- 60x60cm

- 65x65cm

- 80x80cm

Delivery : in 8-10 days in France, 10-12 days in other countries

Pyrenex since 1859

Pyrenex masters the natural duvet manufacture and has been elaborating goose or duck down since 1859.