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Pôdevache Scented Candle Manya - 2 sizes

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Reference : Manya bougie

Delivery : around 8 days

This Manya candle is made in France by Podevache.

Its olfactory notes are those of bergamot, tea and jasmine. 

For conditions of delivery, please see below. 


The Manya scented candle is made in France by Podevache.

The candle's "outfit" can be clipped and unclipped to easily change its appearance. Elegant, it will easily find its place in any room of your home. It will bring a warm atmosphere.

Regarding the olfactory notes, we can find:

- FRAGRANCE: Tokyo Time

- Top notes: bergamot, grapefruit and petit grain

- Heart notes: jasmine, rose and tea notes

- Base notes: vanilla and amber

Two sizes and capacities are available for this candle:

M size : 12 cm high, 400 grams, 3 wicks, 60 hours minimum

L size : 15,5 cm high, 1 kg, 4 wicks, 100 hours minimum

The candle composition is as follows:

A pure cotton wick without untreated lead

A refined white glass container

A mix of mineral and vegetable waxes (95% paraffin, 5% vegetable waxes containing 10% fragrance.)

Informations :

Before lighting the candle and before each use: please cut the wicks to about 0,6 cm, but no more than 1 cm.

During burning: do not blow out the candle until the entire surface has liquefied. It is recommended not to burn for more than 4 hours. Do not burn the last centimetre of wax.

After burning: before the wax solidifies, reposition the wicks in the middle if necessary. Clean the inside of the glass with an alcohol-free product to avoid soot.

Clean and care : Store in a cool and dry place, preferably flat. Dust, fingerprints: rub gently with a soft and damp cloth. Stubborn stains (wax...) : pour hot water on the surface concerned to soften the wax and then gently scrape off.

Do not expose near heat sources or draughts to avoid a flickering flame and black smoke.

Packages are dispatched within 8 days in France and around 12 days abroad, after receipt of payment.

Shipping rates and taxes are automatically calculated based on the weight of the product and the shipping destination. For a collective purchase order, please contact us.

Pôdevache designs and manufactures its products exclusively in France, in the Drôme in Valence. Each collection is the result of a team synergy and the design always adopts the same guideline: premium quality and original. Specialised in rugs, tableware, home linen candles, wall decorations, furniture, etc. French chic collections proposed in different universes: bohemian, cosy design, plant nature, far away inspirations....to transform each room of your home in a unique journey.

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