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Roller Grill Electric Plancha Collection Basic 600E

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Reference : Roller Grill plancha 600 E

Delivery : around 8 days in France, 10-12 days outside

Electric Plancha Collection Basic 600E by Roller Grill.

With enamelled steel plate and two independant cooking areas.

Made in France.


The Roller Grill plancha, made in France, has a wide enameled cooking platelined.

It's dimensions are 60x43x2.8cm, 5mm thickness with high enamel quality professional performance.

The plancha PL 600 E Roller Grill is synonymous with conviviality. Its large plate will allow you to cook simultaneously for the whole family or friends. With a power of 3500W, this electric griddle offers a uniform temperature over the entire cooking surface. The rise in temperature takes place very quickly. This plancha meets health and safety requirements and standards.

Its enamelled steel plate has 2 independent cooking zones, each with a thermostatic knob that allows precise temperature regulation up to 300°C. Its serpentine resistors are made of stainless steel.

The outer contours of the griddle plate are not enamelled. However, the plate and the inner contours are.

Each of the zones has a power indicator and a thermostatic indicator.

The hob is equipped with a juice and fat drain hole that overlooks a removable stainless steel drawer. This drawer collects juice and fat and is dishwasher safe.

For a sleek and ergonomic design, this plancha is equipped with a curved anodized handle for hanging kitchen utensils.

If its origin is Spanish, the Roller Grill plancha is made in France.

Weighing 18.5 kg, you can easily transport this plancha in the kitchen or in the garden.

The plancha comes with a spatula and a recipe book.

It comes with a 230V socket that meets French standards

Its maintenance is extremely easy. To clean your plancha, simply deglaze with ice cubes or cold water (hot plate) to create a thermal shock and thus loosen the food residues. Then simply remove them with the spatula delivered free with the plancha.

It has a grease collection tray with a capacity of 1 liter located in the front position, removable for cleaning. It goes in the dishwasher or under a jet of water.

The cover is machine washable.

Delivery : around 8 days in France, 10-12 days outside

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