Pack 2 Pyrenex Moorea Duo duvets - 6 sizes

PYRENEX couettes et oreillers


Delivery : in 8-10 days in France, 10-12 days in other countries

DUO packs consisting of 2 MOOREA duvets made in France by Pyrenex.

The Moorea duvet, PREMIUM collection of the brand, in cotton satin is composed of 90% down and 10% white French goose feathers.

Twin duvets.


4 season packs of 2 MOOREA duvets.

The Pyrenex MOOREA white French goose down duvet is made in France.

It is composed of 90% first selection down and 10% goose feathers.

This duvet can be combined with press studs: two duvets are included in these packs. You can use them alone or combined depending on the season. They clip together and unclip very easily.

The small square stitching that this duvet has, allows you to have a perfect and equivalent filling throughout the duvet. Its envelope is in 150 threads per cm² satin, 100% white combed cotton with small check stitching and double gray piping.


- Filling power: cuin of 750, for a fairly high filling power.

3 different packs are available:

- MOOREA DUO 200: 2 twinable summer duvets, to be assembled by pressure. Each duvet is 100g. Total TOG 9.

- MOOREA DUO 250: 1 summer duvet (100g) and 1 temperate duvet (150g) that can be combined, to be assembled by pressure. Total TOG 12.

- MOOREA DUO 300: 2 tempered, twinable duvets, to be assembled by pressure. Each quilt is 150g. Total TOG 15.

Each duvet pack is available in the following sizes:

- 140x200cm

- 200x200cm

- 240x220cm

- 260x240cm

- 280x240cm

- 300x240cm

Goose down has a swelling and insulating power that makes it the top-of-the-range filling for duvets. Down is a natural material which represents only 10% of the plumage. With 90% down, this duvet comes from Pyrenex's prestige range.

This duvet is machine washable at 40°C, we advise you to shake it regularly in the open air and to reverse the top and bottom at least once a month.

Delivery : in 8-10 days in France, 10-12 days in other countries

Pyrenex depuis 1859

Pyrenex masters the natural duvet manufacture and has been elaborating goose and duck down since 1859.

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