2 Peugeot Paris Salt and Pepper Mills 18cm


These Black lacquered Peugeot Paris mills are made in France.

The grinders are sold in sets of 2: a black pepper mill and a white salt mill.

They come with salt and pepper in them.

Free delivery subject to the conditions below.


The mechanism inside these Peugeot Paris mills comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Paris grinders from Peugeot are made of natural wood, lacquered in black for the pepper and white for the salt. These mills are firm favourites of prominent chefs and foodies.

The Paris grinders have a patented Sélect mechanism that gives you great precision over the fineness of the grinding for both salt and pepper. 6 settings are available. Simply turn the base of the grinder. The mechanism comes with a lifetime guarantee from Peugeot.



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